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Pre-Order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile


T-Mobile is among the major carriers of US, which is emerging very quickly. It is anticipated to be the future carrier of US, according to its performance and records. Flocks of customers are switching to T-Mobile from other major carriers like Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

It has already surpassed Sprint in the number of users and more are about to face the same music. Looking at the deals, it offers, many iPhone fans will be thinking to pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile. Here’s a guide about how to pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile, which is coming next year.

pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile

If you are a current user of T-Mobile, then you may call yourself lucky, as it will be offering three different and very attractive kind of contracts to pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile for its current users. Behold, newcomers are also warmly welcomed by T-Mobile, with discounts on line rents and data packages, along with one of the three purchasing deals available to current users. Let me describe them to you.

JUMP! On Demand

JUMP! On Demand is the latest and greatest buying deal by T-Mobile, available for current and new users. By this feature, you will be able to pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile with zero upfront payment and guess what? You will be able to trade in your iPhone 7 to get any other smartphone or iPhone 7s when it launches without paying any difference! The current users will also be able to trade in their iPhone 6s or any previous iPhone model to pre-order iPhone 7. But in the background, T-Mobile will be charging the difference in monthly bills.



The ancestor of JUMP! On Demand, still available and gaining attention. Available only to the current users of T-Mobile who have paid off 50% of any of their contract with the company. Means if you got iPhone 6s on very first days of its release on T-Mobile, then you will be applicable to pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile just by the trade in, without any upfront cost.


Another payment option, just like above two. It will be available to current T-Mobile users who have passed 12 months of their contract. It also allows you to trade in your phone after 6 months, but with any entry level smartphone. iPhone 7, though, will not come under this tag. So, if you want to pre-order iPhone 7 on T-Mobile with Score! then you will be required to complete a year’s term.

How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 On T-Mobile

To pre-order any phone on T-Mobile is very simple. Just visit any official outlet of T-Mobile or its site to place you pre-order, once it is available. You will be provided options to select the color of your phone, storage, etc.


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