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Pre-Order iPhone 7 on Vodafone


The world’s second largest telecommunication company is not behind any other when we talk of iPhone’s availability both on the regular purchase and through pre-orders. Every model from the original iPhone was available on Vodafone. The upcoming iPhone 7 will be no exception. If you are looking to know why and how to pre-order iPhone 7 on Vodafone in the UK, then you are in right place. I will be discussing with you the availability and plans Vodafone is expected to offer in the UK with the pre-orders of iPhone 7.

Pre-Order iPhone 7 on vodafone

iPhone 7 will be available for pre-order as soon as it officially launched by Apple. It offers different prepaid plans in different countries, but postpaid plans along with contract are universal except some minor chance. So, when I talk of Vodafone plans in the UK, it means Vodafone plans in all countries in which it is available.

iPhone 7 Availability on Vodafone


There will be a standard plan available when you pre-order iPhone 7 on Vodafone, as it is for any smartphone available on it. It provides you the basic features like unlimited text and unlimited 4G data free for 3 months. You also get a Fixed Price Promise, which means that your monthly bill will not be changed during the period of the contract. You will have to a portion of your price as an upfront payment, the amount of which is not decided by Vodafone yet.


The red plan will also be available to you when you pre order iPhone 7 on Vodafone. It is the advancement of the standard plan with unlimited calls in the UK along with unlimited text and unlimited data for first three months. Fixed Price Promise also made by Vodafone in this plan like it was in Standard plan. When pre-ordering iPhone 7, you will be given choices to select data package ranging from 2GB to 20GB, and duration of the contract. Vodafone currently offers 12 months and 24 months contract. You will be allowed select any one of your choices.


How to Pre-Order iPhone 7 on Vodafone

Vodafone adopts a simple procedure to pre-order any phone from it. iPhone 7’s procedure is also expected to be same. All you have to do is visit either Apple’s official site and on pre-ordering iPhone 7, select Vodafone as a carrier, or directly visit the official site of Vodafone.

You can also pre-order iPhone 7 on Vodafone from its retail store. Just select your preferred options and submit it, your pre-order will be placed.


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