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When Preorder Of iPhone 7 Will Start? Release Date Confirmation


As is often the case, yet another iPhone release has been surrounded with rumors and false news. Though most of these are raged by fans and enthusiasts, some are even spread on purpose as to confuse people about the actual release date. The idea is to create that extra bit of interest in the product so that you couldn’t resist it when it is released.

Talk about its release; we have seen that the iPhone 7 has so far had several different release dates. Which of these will actually be true, is anyone’s guess. Customers that are wondering as to when preorder of iPhone 7 will start may have to wait a little longer.

When preorder of the iPhone 7 will start?

You’ll not get to preorder your phone unless the company announces a date. We have several candidates for the date and will discuss them later. But what about the prerelease or a proposed date perhaps? That’s where Apple loves to play it a secret. For some reason, they love to keep their fans guessing. You can bet that users don’t like to play around when they are willing to place preorders for their beloved iPhone. In the case of the iPhone 7, there have been so many rumors around that the phone may have this and that and what not in it, it is not exactly funny to play around with the emotion of enthusiasts. Doing this can become a make or break deal for Apple if they continue to puzzle iPhone fans the way they’ve done so in the past.

The Release Dates

August 2016

As always, the Apple is silent on what could be the actual release date of the phone. The users, however are another story as they are impatiently waiting for the time when preorder of the iPhone 7 will start. Since there have been many rumors regarding when the phone will be launched, several different dates are circulating on the internet. For instance, the August 25 was perhaps the first rumored date on which the phone was to be released. Though still a rumor, it led fanboys to think that perhaps Apple had sorted everything out, and they didn’t have to wait till September this time around. Unfortunately, from what looks as of now, this date is too optimistic, to say the least. Also, there are no signs for the phone to be released earlier than September.

September 2016

After the first date was busted as false and a mere rumor, we now have a second date for preordering the phone. Though not all Apple phones have been released on this date, the last four iPhones have. You’ve guessed it; we are talking about September. Go back a few years and check out the release dates of some of the previous models and you’ll know what this month means to the company. They think of it as lucky for some reason and are consistently making it as their main event month for quite a while.


This calls for a guess that in all fairness, the iPhone 7 will be released in September no matter what happens. Still, all we have in hand is their previous track record which shows the release of their last four models in the month of September. However, this date, though possible, could turn out to be false. Still, iPhone fans have their fingers crossed and pockets ready to buy their favorite phone in this month.


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