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Reasons Why Not To Upgrade to iPhone 7


Are you one of the Apple enthusiasts who are eager to upgrade to the next Apple iPhone product as soon as it hits the shelves? Perhaps you should reconsider that why not to upgrade to iPhone 7.

Why Not To Upgrade to iPhone 7

Apple is coming out with the iPhone 7 this year and the market is expecting the upcoming iPhone to hit public usage in September 2016. And, as expected with all Apple iPhone release, tons of leaks, rumors and expectations are currently roaming around the web.

Why Not To Upgrade to iPhone 7
If you’re expecting a remarkable modification in the design of the imminent iPhone 7, then you might as well calm your nerves today. A lot of leaks are already here relating to prototypes and supply chain leaks and they all show an iPhone 7 that’s about to look as different from the iPhone 6 as the ‘Olsen twins’ let’s be genuine, nobody can actually inform the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, aside if they do not come donning different hair and makeup.

Are you willing to spend your cold, hard cash for something that essentially resembles in 2014’s item? Perhaps not.


Why Not To Upgrade to iPhone 7

This is how different the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 will look like.


An even better camera is on the way for the iPhone 7. Let’s confess, the camera of the iPhone 6 is incredible, also the selfies that an iPhone 6 can deliver just make my heart miss a beat. So, if the iPhone 7 is going to have an even much better low-light camera that can focus two times as quick as the older one, then that could be an offer breaker. Here’s the catch. A lot of rumors are coming out that there will be an iPhone 7 Pro that’s going to come out much like there’s an iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6. The camera catch is that the better camera could be avoiding the iPhone 7 and just be contributed to the more expensive iPhone 7 Pro.


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