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What is the Release Date of iPhone 7 in 2016?


It has not been even a year that the Apple released their most recent iPhone, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in business sectors and people, in general, are willing to see what is coming next! Much the same as other iPhones that have been released before. iPhone 7, as well, is being talked about all around. From the tiniest of highlight to the presentation of new features in iPhone 7, there are forecasts accessible everywhere throughout the web. Keeping in view the expected and past pattern of Apple, we will attempt to make sense of the expected release date of iPhone 7.

Release date of iPhone 7

Past Release Dates

If we observe the months and years since Apple released its first ‘revolutionary iPhone’ till the most recent iPhone 6, we locate the accompanying pattern:

June, 2007 – iPhone
June, 2008 – iPhone 3G
June, 2009 – iPhone 3GS
June, 2010 – iPhone 4 (new plan)
October, 2011 – iPhone 4s
September, 2012 – iPhone 5 (new outline)
September, 2013 – iPhone 5s
September, 2014 – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (new outline)
September, 2015 – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The initial 4 iPhones were released in the month of June, then one in October and the rest in the month of September. We anticipate that release date of iPhone 7 will be in September 2016, after that month as it has been doing since most recent four years.


Weak Sales of iPhone 6s

It is recently reported by Pacific Crest is going through a lot of disappointment in the sales of iPhone 6s. It was sold in record breaking number on its initial days of release but later on, it dived into low. The fact provided by Pacific Crest is that Apple has reduced its orders of iPhone 6s components from its supply chain. Certainly, the reason will be that Apple does not want to produce many units of iPhone 6s because demand is low. The first measure of what we think that Apple will take is that it may reduce its price. This effect can already be seen as iPhone 6s price has slumped too quickly.

However, imagine a scenario in which it doesn’t work out for Apple. The main choice left of which you, me, Apple’s fans and most likely Apple itself consider, is to prepone release date of iPhone 7. If these bits of gossip are taken to be genuine then ideally we will see the new iPhone 7 in the beginning couple of months of the new year. Apple most likely will attempt to deal with things with iPhone 6s which will set aside time from now and if things don’t go in Apple’s direction, then it will stop sitting tight and will begin planning for the release date of iPhone 7.

Expected Release Date of iPhone 7

There is an intense rivalry for supremacy of smartphone around the world. Samsung, LG, Motorola and numerous more producers are competing for the top spot in the business sector. With that much power in the rivalry, will Apple get hold of the market with its most recent iPhone 6s, or do it need iPhone 7 to answer to its rivals. iPhone 6s was the simple upgradation of iPhone 6, numerous people can question its predominance in the business sector. If you too are questioning the same, the Apple is relied upon to answer you by bringing the release date of iPhone 7.

The very close opinion so far is that release date of iPhone 7  will take place in its traditional season which is the most recent ten days of September, mostly 21st. So quit stressing and begin counting days, there will be no October before the release of iPhone 7.


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