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Release Date of iPhone 7 in USA – Rumours


A new leak from Italian website HDblog suggests that release date of iPhone 7 in USA might be this September, which will consist of a significant 256GB of storage. It’s more likely we’ll see the iPhone 7 formally launched in September 2016. Both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 were launched in September and Apple has no need to alter its pattern. We’re expecting Apple to keep the pricing for its iPhones the same when it introduces new designs next year. For the past two iPhone releases, Apple has kept pricing the same. There’s also rumours that the iPhone 7 might include a 256GB SanDisk NAND flash chip, which might indicate we could be getting more storage for less where the 16GB model might be ditched and the base price of $ 619 might be for the 64GB version. In new iPhone 64GB might be the base memory. Apple makes a premium on higher capacity storage models so keeping the 16GB model in order to lure users to upgrade is most likely as an ongoing strategy.

Release Date of iPhone 7 in USA

Release Date of iPhone 7 in USA

If we needed to be specific, we would approximate the release date for the iPhone 7 being on a Wednesday or Thursday in either the very first or 2nd week of the September, as the past releases pattern suggest.

Apple’s iPhone 6s has in fact been a success for the development giant nevertheless, it didn’t modify much when it concerned design. That could be prepared to change as rumours recommend this year’s design may drop the well-known home button from the device.

The reports about the release date of iPhone 7 in USA have been surfacing all over the world and it is being anticipated that this premium device could be launched in Q4 of the year 2016. There is no clear understanding whether the new iPhone will be just iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus too as a few of the reliable sources believe it will be iPhone 7 and some other belief the tech giant may release iPhone 7 Plus as well just like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The Apple iPhone 7 is the most awaited device of the year 2016 that I think, might make debut anytime in winters much like iPhone 6S. The phone will be slightly bigger than its expectations and will be having other ultra-advanced technology. Since the Cupertino, California-based tech giant releases new iOS right before the launch of next generation iPhone, it is expected that the new iPhone. The Apple iPhone 7 going to feature most current operation system with plenty of new fascinating features, new UI, smarter SIRI, ultra quick processor and improved camera for clicking sharper pictures.


So if we take a look at the pattern that Apple is following, the first four generation iPhone was launched in the month of June of each year which just one release of iPhone 4S that has occurred in October 2012. The reason behind for the delay was that iPhone 4 was a huge success and the business didn’t want to bring new iPhone in the market.

After that tech giant follows a various cycle wherein all the new iPhones were being released in the month of September of every year. So assuming Apple going to follow the very same pattern for iPhone 7 too, I can project the release date of iPhone 7 in USA will fall at some point during September 2016 however it once again depends on the company’s plan when they want to launch new iPhone in the market.


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