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Samsung is Producing the A9 Processors for next iPhone [Rumor]


According to some Korean site, Electronic Times, Samsung is already producing components for Apple’s next-gen iPhone — currently unofficially called iPhone 6s or iPhone 7. Few earlier reports suggested that Samsung might have won the contract to mass-produce the next-gen A9 chip using its 14nm FinFET technology, the publication says the company recently began producing Apple’s completely new chip rolling around in its Texas, US plant.

The A9 chip is expected to be more power efficient and powerful than previous iPhone and iPad chips, and may be integrated in next-year’s iPhone and iPad models. According to analysts, 14nm FinFET chips should consume 35% less energy and 20% more power than their predecessors. Furthermore, the would be 15% less space-consuming than 20nm chips.

In spite of this, for many people Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be unveiled in fall of 2014, although Apple could launch certain 2015 iPads using this new chip before the launch of iPhone 6s/7.



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