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What Is The Smart Connector In iPhone 7? News, Rumors And Updates


According to the first case maker, at the bottom of the case’s rear, there is a pattern for a smart connector, what is the Smart Connector in iPhone 7? This question is getting massively influential on the internet. A feature that has been the topic of some reports consisting of both as a prospective inclusion on the device and an idea ditched by Apple.

What Is The Smart Connector In iPhone 7?

Earlier this year, rumors started showing up that the iPhone 7 would feature a Smart Connector, which is used to supply synchronized power and information connections to accessories like the Smart Keyboard. As the launch of the new iPhone is expected to be this fall, people are more interested to know about this connector. Claims of no support for a Smart Connector for the iPhone 7 is another case that just recently emerged on the internet. The picture shows the same horizontally extended camera opening to provide dual lenses, but the device lacks an opening on the lower side of the case for a Smart Connector.

What is the Smart connector in iPhone 7?

What is the Smart connector in iPhone 7? In each instance, it continues to be unclear what advantages having a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 would bring. Possibilities consolidate for battery cases that would not need to block the iPhone’s Lightning port or a potential wireless charging option that’s coupled with a charging pad.

It also exposes a curious hardware addition that the rumor-mill has not anticipated so far. Apple first unveiled the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro last fall.


MacRumors believe that the three dots to the bottom of the device seem for a Smart Connector. The interface of the smart connector is also set to debut on an upcoming smaller sized iPad Pro model. As you can see on your own, the declared picture of the iPhone 7 Plus appears to reveal a somewhat extending, pill-shaped dual-lens camera on the back. Prior rumors have required a nearly flat dual-lens camera like an iPhone 7 exclusive feature.

A picture of the supposed iPhone 7 emerged last month revealing both the dual camera setup and a Smart Connector. The picture is not at the highest resolution. Aside from the dual-lens camera, as seen on previous iPhones, the antenna joints along the top and bottom edges on the back are not present.


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