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Step by Step Guide to Preorder iPhone 7 Online


If you are a smartphone enthusiast, you would know that the release of the iPhone 7 is just around the corner. As with any flagship phone, the pre-release era of each iPhone model is full of rumors and hype, leading customers to expect all the gizmos that the yet-to-be-released model is not going to provide. Still, there is no denying that each iPhone has seen a bigger launch than the previous model. To get your hands on the latest iPhone iteration, you should follow this step by step guide to preorder iPhone 7 online.

Your Guide to Preorder iPhone 7 Online

Apple fans don’t need an invitation to buy their favorite phone. It is only a matter of time when they start making a cue to order one. Unlike what many enthusiasts say, buying an iPhone can be quite a challenge if you don’t know where to order it online. The most viable place to look is Apple’s own website, where you can preorder your phone with safety and ease. However, since there are thousands of online buyers around the world waiting for their phone to be shipped, your phone’s shipment can take a long time. There is a workaround that you can utilize to receive your phone early. All iPhone shipments depends on stock availability and the release date. In some regions, they take much longer to ship than the US, Canada and Europe. Still, you can do the following guide to preorder your iPhone 7 online.

Ordering The Phone

As long as there is no release date in view, it would be difficult to take the preorders. For instance, we only know that the pre-release date is the time when the company start taking orders. For now, one can only judge from the previous dates. The iPhone 6 was released on September 2015 so naturally the iPhone 7 should be released in the same month. However, delays are a regular part product releases and iPhone is no exception. If all goes well, the phone should be released by the September 19, 2016. Online orders can be placed after two days of the release date.

Keep in mind that the initial preorder spree will continue for seven days. After which, the company will ship the next stock and will start taking online orders from there onwards.

Provided the phone gets released by September, you should go to the website, choose the model of the phone you want to buy, choose the model and place the order, choose your mode of payment (debit or credit card, bank wire transfer etc.)


Some retailers in the US like Amazon and Ebay may get their quota of phones later in the second week after the initial prerelease date. This is due to the fact that iPhones are in great demand and both retailers and manufacturer have difficulty fulfilling the orders. Fortunately, the supply chain continues after all things are sorted out. Following the pre-release of the iPhone 7, the company also plans to launch a series of accessories compatible with your iPhone 7. Many rumors are circulating that the phone might have a wireless Bluetooth earphones, casings etc. However, these are just rumors for now. The iPhone 7 may be launched in three versions, the 32GB, 64 GB and 128GB. Provided how much storage space you want in your iPhone 7, you can order it by following this step by step guide for ordering iPhone 7 online. One thing is guaranteed, your iPhone 7 will not disappoint you.


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