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These Could Be the Best Feature of iPhone 7


In a TELEVISION interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer today, Cook stated that this Feature of iPhone 7 will have a killer function that would show to be an upgrade consumers will not have the ability to withstand. “We are going to offer you things that you cannot live without that you simply do not know you require today,” Prepare teased.

Could it actually be something we currently learn about? Could any of the reported functions for the gadget potentially fall under the groundbreaking or tempting classification of functions Cook meant? Maybe the brand-new rumoured dual-camera system could be sufficient to represent Cook’s remark? Naturally, it’s likewise possible it’s all simply post-Q2 Public Relations buzz after a quarter of decreases. Will Apple have something brand-new and interesting that we do not yet understand about for the iPhone 7?

That’s the concern we ask readers in today’s survey. What rumoured brand-new function for iPhone 7 will make it update deserving for you? Or will Tim Cook and Co require something beyond exactly what’s anticipated to obtain upgrade numbers it didn’t enter 2015 with the Sixes upgrade and this year with the iPhone SE?

Throughout the interview, Prepare kept in mind that iPhone has really grown on a two-year basis about 70% in spite of decreases in the Q2 quarter and year over year. That’s basically stating that 2015 was an S year for the iPhone an incremental and reasonably small upgrade that Apple usually does on iPhone every other year which represented much of the stagnation for iPhone. That’s another tip that Cook is really positive present iPhone users will wish to update to iPhone 7.

Feature of iPhone 7

Reported Functions

In our current roundup of everything we presently understand about the iPhone 7, we checked out a few of the anticipated brand-new functions for the device based on current reports. A thinner physical design, a brand-new double camera system, a 256GB capability choice, a bigger battery, Li-Fi tech, and stereo speakers are a few of the functions that are reported for the device. And there were less reputable reports of Apple perhaps explore USB-C, multi-touch 3D Touch, waterproofing, cordless charging, and EMI protecting enhancements.


And after that, there was that questionable leakage revealing a Smart Connector on the gadget like Apple has for its Smart devices on brand-new iPads.

Double Camera System

If among those functions is a front-runner for the standout, the upgrade-worthy function for iPhone 7, it could be the brand-new dual-camera system. We just recently saw some examples of how the tech can integrate images from 2 different video cameras to provide far sharper zoomed-in images as compared to the camera in the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

Our own Jeff Benjamin weighed in keeping in mind that a dual-camera system could be a video game changer for iPhone photography which Apple has a chance because other business, like LG, has actually carried out however not yet nailed the tech. I might see Apple hyping that as the next huge thing for sure. It certainly alters the method you take a look at mobile phone photography and composition. It’s like having among those camera dongles constantly offered, with no needless accessories.”

And if it does eliminate the gadget’s earphone jack like it’s trying out, it will likely spin it as an example of Apple being first to brand-new tech with its Lighting headsets and perhaps brand-new genuinely cordless earbuds.

Feature of iPhone 7

Mark reported back in January that Apple was establishing revamped, cord-free Beats with a charging case ahead of Feature of iPhone 7. That seems like something that will be offered independently, however it raises the concern of exactly what Apple packages with a headset jack-free iPhone? New glossy Lightning earphones, possibly? Or could Apple likewise have some brand-new genuinely cordless, less expensive earbuds for the iPhone 7?

The existing crop of genuinely cordless Bluetooth earbuds (those without a cable television connecting the two earbuds) are nearly non-existent presently. There’s a couple of little business making them, however, they are half-baked prototypes unworthy purchasing (although like Apple, Samsung, and others are establishing them. If Apple has an actually slick pair of cordless earbuds at launch prior to other huge business has actually launched a good pair, and packages it with the Feature of iPhone 7, that could be a huge destination for a lot of consumers, specifically those that have not yet bought cordless headsets.


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