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Touch Sensitive Home Button in iPhone 7 – Everything We Know


A supposed picture of the front of an iPhone 7 has appeared on the Internet today. Blurred cameras and bad photography aside, the image assets to a significant new touch sensitive home button in iPhone 7, information about the new iPhone are leaking nearly daily the latest of which points to a modification for the great home button.

Touch Sensitive Home Button in iPhone 7

The image reveals a tweaked home button that seems flat with the bezel, meaning Apple will leave the physical click for a fully touch-sensitive capacitive home button. Keeping in mind that the image could quite quickly be manufactured, it does appear to reveal a button that has no depth.

Touch Sensitive Home Button in iPhone 7

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Rumors of a home button have emerged before for iPhone 7 admittingly rarely. Apparently, the virtual button would make it possible for Apple; making the iPhone totally waterproof by reducing gaps for water and particles to get in the chassis.

In regards to functionality, the new button if genuine would also work to the existing home button with an easy tap on the screen changing a complete click. Maybe the switch would also incorporate 3D Touch pressure-sensitivity to be able to differentiate among light touches and underground presses in the lack of a physical moving component.


Physical home buttons in current iPhones are the huge point of collapse moving parts break. Transitioning the iPhone to use a capacitive sensing unit would eliminate that deficiency and also support with waterproofing efforts.

It would also assist in identifying the iPhone 7 from its predecessor slightly in a year when the overall body design is not anticipated to change quite at all besides some small exterior refinements. Internal modifications include 256 GB storage, faster processor and graphics and important camera component upgrades.

The fundamental lack of reports about front screen implies this image must be treated with much difficulty. Although there have been some previous rumors supporting the idea of a touch home button, many sources have asserted that the iPhone will be almost similar in presentation.


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