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Water Resistant iPhone 7 – Apple Plans to Make iPhone 7 Completely Water Proof


Apple knows exactly how to develop a great smartphone, however, nobody would deny the fact that iPhone lags behind in a lot of areas as compared to its rivals. Wireless charging is still missing from the iPhones and so is water resistant design.

A new rumor claims that the tech giant could be introducing some big changes in the iPhone 7 concept. According to one source, the Apple Inc. is working on a water resistant iPhone 7. This innovative feature is apparently in the early testing stages but if it is made a reality, it is going to take the world by storm.

The same source also claims that the iPhone 7 will not be featuring a metal design in the set. Rather, the company will be evidently adopting a completely new material. It is still unclear if this measure was taken to make the phone water resistant or it is unrelated to the topic. Either way, this change is going to end the classic metal style by Apple Inc.

iphone 7 water proof

The latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have just hit the stores so it is foolish to expect a new handset anytime around this year. However, of course this could not stop the fans from spreading rumors all around about the device. Overall, the device would be allegedly offering a sharper display, USB-C port and wireless charging.


Since the release date of iPhone 7 is set for September next year, Apple has plenty of time to think about the new features that it would like to introduce with the new iPhone 7 and it seems that the tech giant has already started testing some of the very interesting ideas.


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