What Apple Is Secretly Doing With The Design Of iPhone 7? [Speculations]


The recently launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are already doing better than the previous releases in the market. According to news, Apple has sold a huge number of iPhone 6s since the very first day of its release. There is a great chance that the newly released phone out of the Apple’s den may break all the previous records of selling. No doubt, but iPhone 6s can be named the best phone that was ever built by the Apple factory. A group of people might just think that iPhone 6s does not reveal any new or modified features out of the bag but the ones who have used it know that it is special than the others. Well, if you have already bought it and want to know what’s next from the smartphone machine, iPhone 7 is the answer to your curiosity.

It is expected that Apple is going to make big changes in iPhone 7 design to the next iPhone in the series, predictably launching in the September of 2016. A new iPhone 7 concept is what Apple may be dallying with, mixing in some great and innovative features for the new set.

The internet news agencies and tech brigade have already started speculating many rumors about the features, processor and design of iPhone 7. One of the most anticipated design changes may include the traditional home button, which will apparently be absent from the making of iPhone 7. Instead, the company may install a virtual home button which will encompass a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, most probably hooked with a small Apple logo beneath the larger, edge-to-edge screen.

Design Of iPhone 7

The rumors also surround a different concept for the body of the iPhone 7. The body may allegedly be featuring aluminum casing where the plastic antenna lines may not be present. There is also a big chance that the phone would not need a physical SIM card. The device will be smart enough to handle the connectivity on its own.


When talking about the camera, it is apparently proposed to make a history with the pixels. The iPhone 7 may be covering a camera of whopping 24 MP which may be supported by the third part lenses. The battery life will be much improved with a 3000 mAh battery, though it is not confirmed yet. Moreover, some latest 3D iWidget functionality, totally touch based, are also enlisted in the features.

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