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What Apple Should Learn From Android Devices for iPhone 7 Design


The rivalry between iPhone and Android phones has created a great amount of enmity and hostility between supporters of both platforms. But sometimes our opponents have good ideas that can be imitated and even can take precedence, and so Android may have some useful hardware concepts and ideas for Apple to consider for the iPhone 7, so Apple is considering to change the iPhone 7 Design.

iPhone 7 Design

iPhone 7 waterproofing

Apple’s most recent iPhones had been with the feature of water resistance. But they had a long way to go to compete with other android phones with the feature of waterproofing. According to some survey’s conduct by Apple, some iPhone users admit that this waterproofing feature is one area they really don’t care. At the same time, other users are much happy with this feature. Apple is taking some steps in the iPhone 7 Design to waterproof it and also add some additional weight.

iPhone 7 shatterproof glass

Another thing which Apple should learn from android is the shatterproof glass. It will be a great news for the iPhone user as they would love to have this thing in their phone. Some iPhone users complained about the iPhone 6 Plus as the screen cracked when it slip out of pocket. iPhone 7 Shatterproof glass will help the iPhone users to use their phone without an additional protection.

iPhone 7 shatter proof glass


iPhone 7 Speakers

One model of android had a front facing speaker so better speakers is another thing which Apple is looking forward to their upcoming iPhone 7. According to the survey related to better speakers for iPhone 7, people have the mixed feeling. Some of them were very happy with the current iPhone speaker as this speaker is well enough for their needs. So if iPhone can add better speakers to their upcoming phone then it would be a great for music.

iPhone 7 battery life

Apple is thinking for the better battery life for the iPhone 7. As we know iPhone has a good battery time and it has the battery power to get users to almost one day. In Plus models, the size of the battery is quite bigger than the simple iPhone models. So I think it would not be appreciated by the users if it changed the iPhone 7 Design for this purpose.

iPhone 7 Design

There’s no shame in stealing some good hardware ideas from Android

As we know that Apple is taking some ideas from the android phones to make their phones perfect for their users. As there’s no shame in borrowing good software and hardware ideas from other companies. so according to the reports Apple will change the iPhone 7 Design to facilitate the users.


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