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What Not to Expect from the Future iPhone 7


The new iPhone 7 is speculated to be released by September 2016.

As many have started discussing the endless possibilities and features of the new iPhone 7, there could be some let downs as well. It will likely have an aluminum alloy body that will not bend in the pockets as the issue was faced severely in the previous systems.

But it is enough?

Users can not expect the iPhone 7 or 6s Future iPhone to be cheap – not anytime soon. Its body speaks for itself. The aluminum alloy means that it could be a bit too pricey for the customers, as compared to the previous counterparts. This can lead to a great decrease in the profit margin of the iPhone 7.

The production cost has certainly risen and so has the expectations, but if it fails to deliver what it is supposed to, it can be said that the sales can receive a severe backlash.


The company’s shares have also fallen in previous months, which mean it needs to pick up really fast, and should be able to come up to the high expectations of the users.

Many analyst believe that the new features in iPhone are not that exciting to generate a wide amount of sale – they are just some minute changes being made in the previous versions, and nothing too fancy of the sort. Users should not expect the iPhone 7 to be any different from the previous versions except for a thing or two as force touch, or increased strength.

A high quality camera cannot be expected as various reports contradict that, some saying iPhone 7 will be equipped with 12 megapixels, while other agree on 21 megapixels.

However, only time will tell what the fate has in store for the new iPhone 7.


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