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What Will Be The Expected iPhone 7 Price? Rumors & News


Several forums and news resources have already started to get the insights to get a confirmed or expected price of iPhone 7. It has been shared on several places, that iPhone 7 price could be higher than the pattern that Apple has been following from years. Due to so many new features and advancements it is pretty much expected to see iPhone 7 with a higher price tag.

iPhone 7 Price


So far, there is no affirmed iPhone 7 price yet, but we will put some light on tech expectations and Apple’s pricing policy.

New Features of Future iPhone

As per the assumptions, iPhone 7 features will bring something totally new it in terms of both hardware and software. The current line up of iPhone lacks some feature like NFC, wireless charging, IR blaster and many more which are offered by its major competitors. Apple is sure to reply them with upcoming iPhone 7.

But all these features comes at a cost. It is definite that it will increase the cost of production of iPhone. Apple barely will not tolerate all this cost on itself, rather it will ask its costumers to pay for that. SO, generally it can be said the upcoming iPhone 7 will most expensive iPhone by Apple.


Apple’s Price Trend

If we review the costs of recent models of iPhone, the trend of the price of iPhone relates to us a different story. Recently announced two models of iPhone, iPhone 6 and 6s were assessed at the same cost. This demonstrates Apple would incline toward the fact that Apple has stopped going beyond the price line of its upcoming generations of iPhone. If this is to be trusted, then we can assume that Apple will keep iPhone 7 price same as that of iPhone 6 and 6s.

Market Situation

Apple products as of now are a costly if compared with others. A further knock in cost will prompt a dunk in sales. Apple watch is an example of that. Despite being rich in features, its high price did not permit it to sell up to expectations. The clash for the king of smartphone os turning out to be more savage as Samsung is finishing the table with new curved screen Galaxy S6 Edge, with LG’s G series launching back to back fine smartphones and Chinese manufacturers soaring through the business sector, all with a suitable value range. Apple must not go beyond the line of iPhone 6s price if want to retain its market share.

So What Will be the Expected iPhone 7 Price? Conclusion

Apple is certain to take market by storm when it releases iPhone 7, which will be honored with some highly anticipated features, but from the perspective of its pricing, there are chances that Apple will hold its costs same as it is for the current model, which suspect that Apple may keep cost as the constraining element in production of iPhone 7. At last, it is possible that we will get an iPhone 7 loaded with features but costly or an iPhone 7 with restricted feature set but at the same rate which is presently of iPhone 6s. Apple is yet to respond officially on these stances.


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