What’s New In iPhone 7? Updates and Rumors


The latest report on the upcoming iPhone 7 provides us with information on what’s new in iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 will be much similar to the 6S, having redesigned antenna lines on the back and yes, the much-awaited dual-camera.

A lot of rumors are saying that Apple will launch two iPhones next month. The larger phone with a single sensor system is the odd-one-out here. It’s also the 2nd leakage in the period of two weeks detailing three new iPhones, and that’s excitingly close to the launch.

What’s new in iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 will have the regular camera, maybe having a larger lens this time. Bloomberg‘s sources indicate the two sensors system, which will be included specifically on the iPhone 7 Plus, will work in a similar way to the one present on the Huawei P9.

What's New In iPhone 7
According to an individual who has used a model variation of the cam, each lens records different colors and combines them into one incredibly detailed, intense, vibrant picture. On Huawei’s phone, one lens takes photos in black and white while the other obtains red, blue and green. The achieved result in low light conditions is a visible step-up.

A few rumors in recent weeks suggest that Apple will change the physical house button with a flat, pressure-sensitive surface area. The brand-new patch will use haptic feedback to replicate the experience of a button being pressed, utilizing a mechanism just like the trackpads of the most recent MacBooks.


It is possible for the next iPhone to have an exceptional water resistance, particularly when combined with the predicted loss of the headphone jack.

There’s More To Come

The ordinary modifications to the phone’s entire look are the beginning of a shift apart from the iPhone’s refresh cycle, stated Bloomberg‘s sources, and Apple is preparing itself for a massive release in 2017 to score ten years since the inception of the initial phone.

Release date

Apple is ready for the launch of the next generation of iPhone at its annual event held in San Francisco by next month, and the sale might begin by the 12th of September.

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