When iPhone 7 Pre-Orders will Start? Release Date and Price


Some Apple fans don’t bother to consider some other cell phone and begin joining the line at Apple retail store at first to put their hands on most recent iPhone. But wait, who could be that much-devoted fan who even before the iPhone is released in the market, looks for a way or more to pre-order this Apple item? The answer is “a lot of people”. Yes! it is true, Apple fans are that much excited with iPhone that they need it as quickly as possible.

iPhone 7 pre-orders release date

So, if you are among those devoted iPhone fans who do not want to know the release date of iPhone in their respective market, rather they want to know the date on which iPhone 7 pre-orders will commence, we have gathered rumors, expectations and reports from inside of Apple Inc. to let you know the exact date on which iPhone 7 pre-orders will start.

The iPhone 7 pre-orders totally depends on the launching date of it. From all previous generations of iPhone, pre-orders commenced just a day after the iPhone are unveiled to people till it is physically released in the market. To know the date on which pre-orders will be available, we need to know the release date of it first. Till now, we are getting affirmed news that Apple will be taking after its conventional time of releasing each iPhone which is mid of September. iPhone 6s was released on ninth of September 2015, iPhone 6 additionally on ninth of September 2014, iPhone 5s on 10th of September 2013 and till iPhone 4s the release date was in the mid of September. The one more thing about the release date of iPhone 7, judged from the pattern of iPhones released before is that Apple mostly keep Tuesday as their release day.

Considering the above facts, it can be concluded that iPhone 7 will be released either on sixth of September or thirteenth. Then the very next day, pre-orders will start for iPhone 7 on Apple’s own online store and on your respective carrier store. Till then, keep counting days and get latest updates on the release date of iPhone 7 on our site. It’s been speculated on numerous occasions that the finalized price of iPhone 7 could be near $709 for 32 GB version and iPhone 7 Plus Price could be $809.



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