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When The New iPhone 7 Is Coming Out?


iPhone has been the darling smartphone of many people like you. Few moments after the release of Apple’s current generation of iPhone, iPhone 6s, Apple’s fans like started talking about the next generation. The life span of any technology is less I guess. The question which is becoming very common nowadays regarding the upcoming device of Apple is When The New iPhone 7 Is Coming Out? Let’s see the details about the upcoming iPhone 7 release date.

When The New iPhone 7 Is Coming Out


So When The New iPhone 7 Is Coming Out?

Obviously, Apple hasn’t confirmed any release date for iPhone 7 yet, we will try to determine it by the history and rumors regarding it.

Release Date Pattern

Apple has adopted a trend of releasing every iPhone. It is was the month of June till iPhone 4, but later shifted to September which is currently prevailing. Looking at the current trend of Apple, one can easily deduce at thinking that September will be the month when new iPhone 7 is coming out. Don’t be too fast. Apple already has changed the pattern and is able to change this time also.

Market Condition

One of the fierce rivals of Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S7, is expected to be released in April. Direct confrontation with Samsung will for sure result in huge losses for both companies. Samsung too is following a pattern and Apple is unlikely to disturb that. This again hints us about when new iPhone 7 is coming out, and the hint is at the Apple will be following its traditional release date.


Current Sales

The only thing which differs from the expectations that Apple will release iPhone 7 on its traditional release date is the weak sales of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Apple’s failure in this generation of iPhone might irk Apple to release the upcoming iPhone 7 earlier to stay in the business. There isn’t any rumor on it, though.

These were our expectations on when iPhone 7 will be launched, based on the rumors and experts reports. We will update you further when we get any news, rumor or report.


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