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When will iPhone 7 be Launched


The new iPhone 6s posted a recorded breaking sales, surpassing all of its previous records in a time span of only a month. iPhone fans are not really satisfied with it, though. Are you? I do not think so, because there are a number of peoples who have started searching for iPhone 7 from now, including you. Do not worry, your demand is totally justified. The s-variant of iPhone usually brings just minor upgrades which are not enough to quench your thirst of iPhone. Is not it unfair with iPhone lovers? Every smartphone get updated every year including Samsung’s Galaxy S series, LG’s G series and HTC’s One series, so why iPhone has to wait for two years? Hold your patience, we are just nearing to get our hands on the upcoming iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 launch


To determine when will iPhone 7 be launched, we need to put light on different facts and figures. The date of its release is also important. It is launched at different dates in different countries, but here we will be talking about the international launch date of it.

Firstly, we will consider release date of iPhone 7. So, far it is expected that Apple will be following its traditional time of releasing which is somewhere between September. The sales of iPhone 6s further confirm it that Apple is in no mood of releasing iPhone 7 anytime earlier than the traditional one. From the release date of iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and 5, two things are for sure for iPhone 7. First is that it is likely to be released around 10th of September, and secondly that it will be released on Tuesday. The two Tuesday around 10th of September are on 6th and 13th of it next year. So, these two dates are, till now, expected to be the release date of iPhone 7.

Looking at the history of the launch date of iPhone 7, it is seen that it took around ten days after its release date. iPhone 5 was launched nine days after its release, 5s after ten days, 6 after eleven days and 6s after thirteen days. This increasing sequence shows that iPhone 7 will be launched after more than thirteen days of its release date, expected after fifteen days. Now, looking at the release date, if iPhone 7 is released on 6th of September then it is expected to be launched on 21st of September, or if it is released on 13th of September then 28th of September is expected to be its launch date.


The above mentioned iPhone 7 launched dates are expected one, there are no confirm the news on that till now. We will keep you updating when to get any news about iPhone 7 launch date to help you in analyzing how many days you have to count to get your hands on upcoming iPhone 7.


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