Which Version Of iPhone 7 Should I Choose?


According to rumors, the upcoming iPhone 7 will be released in at least two versions – the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 plus. The simplified pro version will feature pretty standard dimensions with display size to remain between 4.7 inch to 5 inch while the plus version could well have a 5.2 or even 5.5 inch display. Still, a lot of things remain under the wrap and we’ll only know what lays beneath once the phone actually hits the shelf.

which version of iPhone 7 should I choose

Enter The iPhone 7

If you are confused about whether to switch to the new iPhone 7 or stick to your previous iPhone, you have an easy decision to make. No matter which version of the iPhone 7 you’d go for, there is enough improvement and innovation in it that you’ll have to get your hand on the new set anyway. The ultimate decision would be to choose between the two types of the iPhone 7. Here, we bring you some known yet novel features of both flavors of the iPhone 7. It would be up to you to choose which version to go for:

Which Version Of iPhone 7 Should I Choose?

There have been rumors that Apple might change the naming convention for the iPhone starting from the launch of iPhone 7 series. However, to this day, this is yet to be confirmed by the company. For all that we know, the iPhone naming nomenclature is still in place and nothing has been confirmed to date. Asking yourself which version of the iPhone 7 you should choose, it all depends on two things:

  • The list of features offered by both versions
  • The price/ performance ratio

The baseline iPhone 7 is rumored to be at least 1mm thinner compared to the iPhone 6. To the surprise of many, there is no 3.5mm jack for connecting earphones, rather the usb jack will be used as the universal connector for connecting other accessories. The phone will also have a lighting port on the phone. Rumors also suggest the port will be used to connect wired only headsets while Bluetooth headsets can be connected wirelessly. Another rumor states that both versions of the iPhone 7 will have the same thickness as the iPhone 6 and no reductions have taken place. However, there are strong indications backed by leaked pictures that the iPhone 7 surely has trimmed a little weight this time around.


The iPhone 7 Plus

Much like the iPhone 7, there have been a series of leaks that suggest that these are the early pictures of the iPhone 7 Plus, the bigger and more powerful version of the baseline iPhone 7. This phone will have a slightly bigger screen, a dual mode camera setup as we’ve seen on some of the android phones by HTC and Samsung, thought the hardware would be much different, and other goodies. This version will also feature a more powerful chipset, rumored to be the A10 CPU with at least 3 gigabyte of onboard RAM and up to 256 gigabyte of storage space. The chipset is not manufactured by Samsung this time, and the crown has gone to the famous Taiwanese chip maker – TSMC. These chips are to be manufactured with a new fabrication process and will produce less heat at higher clocks. Traditionally, we’ve seen Apple chips doing excellent in terms to clock per watt performance and this time, it should be no different. The iPhone 6 did tremendously well in this department and playing games and apps on this phone were a breeze.

So, your query “which version of iPhone 7 should I choose” is pretty much answered. The best part is that you can buy both versions for almost the same price that the iPhone 6 was available for.



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