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When Will iPhone 7 Come Out in 2016?


Just a couple of months has passed and people are already waiting for the next generation of iPhone. However, there’s no confirmed news yet about the official release date of iPhone 7 but we will put some light on tech geeks expedition for it and some experts speculations.

iPhone 7 Release Date

Every one of you might be asking, “When will iPhone 7 come out?” The fact is that there are the number of answers for this questions. The release of any smartphone has various factors and reasons. iPhone 7, in particular, has too many things to consider before it comes out. We will be definitely talking about these factors to determine the expected release ¬†date of iPhone 7.

Till now, we are getting affirmed news that Apple will be taking after its traditional time of releasing each iPhone which is mid of September. iPhone 6s was released on ninth of September 2015, iPhone 6 additionally on ninth of September 2014, iPhone 5s on tenth of September 2013 and till iPhone 4s the release date was in the mid of September.

To be more precise, it can be judged that Apple has used Tuesday as their date of release for its past three generation of iPhones. If this is to be believed, then definitely iPhone 7 will come out either on September 19, 2016.


Then comes the market factor.  Apple is facing stiff competition from Samsung, LG, Motorola and other Chinese manufacturers who are eating away shares of iPhone in the market. The worse thing is that they provide more features than any iPhone and that too at less expensive than iPhone. The latest iPhone 6s was a mere upgrade of iPhone 6 which did not answered the challenges faced by iPhone. Now all hopes are lying on upcoming iPhone 7. Apple might want to answer its critics as soon as possible. So if we look from this perspective, we may begin to begin to believe that iPhone 7 will come out in the starting couple of months of New Year.

The confirmed date on which iPhone 7 will come out is not decided by even Apple yet, till now we can only talk about expectations. We will keep you updating when we get any news or rumor about the release date of iPhone 7.


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