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Will the iPhone 7 be waterproof?


One of the most asked questions right now is; Will the iPhone 7 be waterproof? A  just recently submitted patent demonstrates how tech gigantic Apple is going to make its devices impenetrable to water, and the iPhone 7 might be the first to get the water resistant treatment. The patent connects to a system that will make the device power down after the sensing units detect that the device has made a connection with water. According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office, a patent has been given to Apple.

Will the iPhone 7 be waterproof?

The iPhone 7 undergoes a significant variety of reports in the lead as much as its expected launch in September. One such rumor associated with the new smartphone is that will the iPhone 7 be waterproof? A feature that a lot of users would value.

The patent details one way in which this could be possible. The recently trademarked system would close down specific elements when it discovers water, to prevent any damage. This is to provide the owner of the device adequate time to visit any nearest Apple Store for repair works (if needed).

Staff members will then have the ability to make repair works based upon the details provided by the sensing units. They will have the sense to interact to the worker whether the device can be fixed.

Patent recommends Apple is staying up to date with competitors

There are other mobile phones in the market which currently boast water security. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has an IP68 score that makes it water resistant and dustproof. However, Apple has fallen back in this particular field.


Will the iPhone 7 be waterproof?

The waterproofing of the iPhone 7 might be done better by the reported removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Other reports consist of the addition of wireless charging ability that would enable the Lightning port to use for headsets. Another possibility is the extension of wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Apple fans have slammed the proposed relocation as it would obligate individuals to purchase new devices. Music enthusiasts have also explained that wireless earphones usually provide lower sound quality than their wired cousins.

Reports continue to swirl ahead of launch

Experts forecast that the iPhone 7 will look mostly just like the iPhone 6s. We might see the removal of the antenna lines, and a camera that sits flush with the rest of the phone.It reported that this camera might be a dual-camera system that would have the ability to carry out better in low light. The advanced system would apparently integrate images caught by both lenses to make a sharper last image.

There are reports that this dual-camera system might just be readily available on the bigger iPhone 7 Plus, to drive sales of the larger handset. Another possibility is that Apple chooses to present a halo design, called the iPhone 7 Pro, which would be the only one to boast the new camera.Another rumor associates with the screen display device that could use on the iPhone 7. Reports suggest that Apple might use a smaller sized version of the LCD show found on the iPad Pro.

Evaluations indicate that this screen is even much better than the OLED display screen found on Samsung’s flagship mobile phones. Apple itself is anticipated to change to OLED shows in 2017. However, it resembles it might have found a method to beat Samsung to the title of the best screen even before that date.

As it stands, these are all just reports, so it’s best to take everything you check out with a pinch of salt. Apple has not made any initial statements about the iPhone 7.


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